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Spring Time on the Farm


(written from the perspective of Sally, a ewe lamb)

Translated by:  Autumn Kotrba

You know what’s weird?  Not having any wool on you. It’s so different, I’ve never felt anything like it. It’s freeing, I’ve never felt so light in my entire life. A man just showed up one day with the farmer human and gave us all haircuts in the morning. Even Caspian and Nokomis, the llamas, got a haircut. They look kinda funny now, but they’re still awesome.


The one downside is that I get a bit cold at times, but my mom gives me hugs when that happens. I love her so much.


The farm family had been doing a lot in the barn lately. I heard the kids talking about the start of farm camp. They are so excited. I’M SO EXCITED! I had so much fun last year and told my mom that it was the best part of my life. I remember when the campers got so excited once, they dropped the corn on the ground, that was probably the best corn I’ve ever had.

There are little kids that come to the farm now too.  They all come to see Nokomis and Caspian for some reason.  I think it's called Llama Llama Camp or something like that.  But, they feed us too so I don't mind!  Summer is going to be so much fun!

And then the fundraiser will come in the fall and I’ll see even more people and have so much fun. That will be awesome. And then the fluffy snow will come again and I can play in it with Oreo Blizzard!

And then we get to do it all again! I can’t imagine having a different life than I do now. Harvest Hope Farm is just that amazing!

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