JASON AND LYNN KOTRBA: Jason (HHF Board President) and Lynn (HHF Executive Director) Kotrba reside at Harvest Hope Farm in Moorhead. They have been married since August 8, 1997 and are parents to Autumn, Hannah, Shawn, Joseph, Olivia, Ella and Ava. Jason holds a Master of Educational Leadership degree from the University of North Dakota; Lynn holds a Master of Counseling degree from the University of North Dakota. Jason has been principal of Holy Spirit School in Fargo since 2003. Lynn has been a Treatment Foster Care Coordinator at Lutheran Social Services of Minnesota in Moorhead since 2000. In his free time, Jason enjoys spending time with the family, hunting and the great outdoors. He volunteers for church and school events and is a member of the Knights of Columbus. Jason’s greatest joy is watching his children excel and grow in confidence and leadership skills. Between juggling attendance at sporting events, dance competitions, and multiple other activities of the children, Lynn enjoys spending quality time with the family, reading, and being outdoors. She is also coordinator of American Heritage Girls Troop ND0316 and an active school volunteer. 

SARAH GATES:  Sarah resides in Fargo with her husband, Jason, and daughters, Maria, Emily, Greta and Haley.  She holds a BS in Industrial Engineering & Management from North Dakota State University and an MBA from the University of St. Thomas.  Sarah worked twelve years as an engineer in the transportation and manufacturing industry and currently is home with their daughters.  Recently, she has served as the campaign coordinator for a local fraternity which had taken on a fundraising campaign to finance a facility renovation.  In addition to volunteering at Harvest Hope Farm, her church, and the kid's school; she enjoys outdoor activities with her family.


VICKI HAUGEN: Vicki Haugen resides in Hawley, Minnesota with her husband Mark. They have three adult sons: Luke, married to Joy (Singapore); Nate (Fargo, ND) and Lee (Portland, OR). Vicki also has two delightful grandsons in Singapore. Vicki is enjoying retirement after a long career in social work. She worked in county agencies, a hospital, nursing home, and the final 18 years as Pregnancy Counseling and Adoption Social Worker at Lutheran Social Services (LSS) of Minnesota. It was at LSS that she worked with HHF Executive Director, Lynn Kotrba. Vicki’s awareness and heart for families with Huntington’s disease began long ago in her work at a nursing home and it grew as she learned Lynn's family story. Vicki and her husband have had a business raising alternative livestock including emus, llamas, and alpacas on their farmstead acreage near Rollag, Minnesota. In addition, they offered school field trips for several years where students learned about the animals, enjoyed hayrides, and picked pumpkins from the vine. Vicki loves country life, volunteering, animals, gardening, travel and exploring cultures.




JOE PAUL: Joe Paul resides in West Fargo, North Dakota with his wife and children. He holds a BA from the University of St. Thomas. His experience in the financial services industry assists Harvest Hope Farm with financial management and planning. Joe grew up on a farm and had a herd of sheep for FFA; Harvest Hope Farm offers him an opportunity to continue participating in that pastime.







PAT PIERI: Patricia “Pat” Pieri resides in Fargo, North Dakota with her husband, Bob. They have three adult children, three grandchildren and two dogs. She holds an Associate degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences from Middlesex Community College (Bedford, Massachusetts) and a Bachelor of Science degree in Education (Minnesota State University, Moorhead). In the spring of 2019, Pat will retire from Fargo Public Schools after 18 years spent as a Title 1 Reading teacher. She grew up in Massachusetts and spent childhood summers helping feed and groom horses, mucking out stalls, and baling hay on the hobby farm next door. Pat’s Aunt Louise (a stewardess for TWA) taught her how to knit at age 6. She won a ribbon for a child's Fair Isle cardigan from the Colorado State Fair and a ribbon for a woman's lace pullover sweater from the Otero County Fair in New Mexico. 


SARAH STIGEN: Sarah Stigen resides in Hawley, Minnesota with her husband, Jeremy and children, Sam and Elsa. She attended North Dakota State University and received both undergraduate and graduate degrees in Child Development Family Science. Stigen works as a counselor at Valley Christian Counseling Center of Fargo Moorhead.






KIM VONNAHME: Dr. Kimberly Vonnahme resides in Fargo, North Dakota with her husband, Michael Kangas, and children Katie (10) and Joey (7). She holds a BS in Animal Science from Iowa State University; MS in Animal Science from Oklahoma State University (Field of Study: Reproductive Physiology); and PhD in Animal Science from the University of Wyoming (Field of Study: Reproductive Physiology). Dr. Vonnahme completed post-doctorate work at North Dakota State University (NDSU) in Fargo. She was a professor in Animal Sciences at NDSU from 2004 to 2017 where she taught Reproductive Physiology and conducted research in livestock reproductive physiology. Her research emphasis area was pregnancy in livestock and how the maternal environment impacts fetal and placental growth. In 2017, Dr. Vonnahme accepted a position with an animal health company, Zoetis. She works in the department of Outcomes Research and serves the pork business unit by assisting with research projects. Kim loves the great outdoors, spending time with her family and promoting agriculture.


HARVEST HOPE FARM is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that exists to harvest hope in others by enhancing their emotional, physical, spiritual and financial health through a hands-on farm experience and education concerning sustainable food resources and environmental stewardship.


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