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Nalani Roberts - Stars and Stripes Candidate, American Heritage Girls Troop ND0316

In May and June 2022, Nalani Roberts, along with several youth volunteers, completed the fencing around the pollinator garden and built a display board for the pollinator garden at Harvest Hope Farm.  This project was completed in partial fulfillment of Nalani's requirements for the American Heritage Girls Stars and Stripes Award.  Nalani planned and supervised the building of the display member which now stands in the garden at Harvest Hope Farm to share information with visitors about the importance of pollinator habitats.  All of us at Harvest Hope Farm wish to express our sincere thanks to Nalani, her volunteers and her family for their hard work and dedication to completing this project which has been a great addition to the farm.

We invite everyone to visit the pollinator garden and learn more during our annual fundraiser on Saturday September 17, 2022 or by appointment by calling 218-790-2679.

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