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A Message from the Farm

Ah, spring!  Hasn't it been beautiful, let alone the winter we had!  Here we are, April 20th with no snow, what a change from a year ago!  What a blessing!  As we prepare for our camps this summer at Harvest Hope Farm, there is a lot of activity going on sooner than normal, it's eerily wonderful!  We have had an abundance of field trips already this spring, with many more to come!  Local schools bringing their classes out to see the sights and sounds of the farm.  It always amazes me how many kids have not been to a farm, or seen many of the animals we have, a lesson in learning not to take your surroundings for granted as I often do.  It is a joy to see the faces of so many school kids light up when they hear the sheep or see the llamas and to watch them listen intently as Mrs. Pieri shares about the many ways wool and fleece have been used throughout history and teaches them how to use a drop spindle!  With the new addition of the Growing Dome, we have an exciting new way to educate beyond the gardens and the barn!  This amazing structure not only gives us the ability to grow produce year around, but it also gives us the opportunity to teach about solar power and thermal mass in this fully self-sustaining structure.

Of course, we also have the sounds of spring.  If I could place a recording here of the morning and evening sounds from the forest I would.  The life springing forward in the forest right now is amazing, God has truly blessed our earth with an abundance of life in so many forms.  And yesterday, the first round of new chicks came to the farm, on a school bus!  Multiple school in our area receive eggs from us and a short 4 weeks later they come to the farm for a field trip, bringing the students, as well as the new chicks!  This group in particular arrived with 21 new chicks, a great hatching rate for 24 eggs!

The chirps of new chicks, the bray of our donkey, Herman, and very soon, the baa's of an expected 40 new lambs, new life on the farm is especially fun to share with those who visit!

Finally, I need to share about my little guy in the picture above, Michael.  Michael is 3 and knows nothing but the farm!  I often joke that he has been raised in the barn, and he kinda has been.  He will be sure to tell you to put your hand "flat like a pancake" when feeding the animals, he will ask you to come into the chicken coop with him and may even offer you a drink, from the hose!  He is my side kick and loves to welcome visitors to "Farm Camp".  Nope, not everyone who comes to the farm is here for Farm Camp but Michael wants everyone's experience to be just like Farm Camp!  If you come to visit, he will welcome you to Farm Camp and we hope you will enjoy your experience here just like all the kids in Farm Camp do!

As spring brings life to the farm and summer soon approaches, I invite you to visit the farm soon!  If you have been here before, come and see what's new!  If you have never came, come, we have so much to share!  If you have a little that would enjoy time on the farm, check our our many youth camps being offered this summer!  We have 4 Llama Llama Camp sessions, 2 Farm Camp sessions and new this year, Camp Agnus Dei a bible camp for 5-10 year olds!  Keep your eye open for information about upcoming Field Days on the Farm for the community, volunteer opportunities and our fundraiser events!  Llama Llama Wine with Mama is just around the corner in June and we hope all ladies 21+ will join us for this Llamazing event!

Thank you for being a part of our mission at Harvest Hope Farm! We are grateful for your friendship!  

Blessings - Lynn

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