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Your Invited to the Farm!

Pigs 2021.jpg
From the Perspective of Wanda (A ewe lamb).  Translated by:  Autumn Kotrba

In my opinion summer is by far the best season of all time. My mom keeps telling me to wait and form my opinion until after I’ve experienced all of them, but I just don’t understand how it can get much better than this. The weather is amazing, and we can spend almost all of our time outside playing with each other. In other words, we are living our best lives!

And guess what?!? So much fun stuff is happening on the farm right now. I heard from the farmer the farmer boy that there is going to be a fundraiser soon! My mom told me that it’s always something to look forward to every year, so I bet it’s pretty exciting, if even the adults can’t wait. And there has also been a lot more kids to play with over the last few weeks. They even give me food! My aunt told me it’s part of a farm camp that the farmer and his family do. All the kids seem to love coming out to the farm, so I try to do my best in giving them an absolutely awesome experience on the farm.


I have some new neighbors too! Their skin is pink! And they are really small and really loud, but Mom said they are really neat and that she knew some of their cousins form the year before. Besides the squealing I really like them and am looking forward to being friends. The kids all seem to like them too! That’s definitely a bonus.  The kids call them the Bacon Brothers, that’s a weird name!


I really do hope everyone is as excited for the fundraiser as I am because I am SO EXCITED! Like, I can’t even wait. Hopefully, I’ll meet even more friends there! It’s gonna be awesome!

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