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A Message From the Farm: February 2020

By Lynn Kotrba, Executive Director
Winter, it's a different feel at Harvest Hope Farm.  There are no farm camps or tours, the rosary walk is mostly inaccessible, unless you want to walk through 5 foot drifts of snow, the pigs are gone and the chickens stay inside.  The sheep still enjoy being outdoors, but are contained to a smaller area.  Yes, life on the farm definitely appears to slow down in the winter.  Although life may slow down a bit and the activity on the farm is far less, there is a lot of hard work going on for both the animals and us humans!  2019 was a wonderful year of growth for Harvest Hope Farm and new programs are currently being developed for summer 2020.  November and December brought fundraising efforts for our Llama Llama Pre-School Camp as well as several community speaking events.  At the end of January we finished our breeding season and soon, in May 2020, we will have 20-30 new lambs bouncing around the barn!  Oh what a sight to see that we all look forward to each year!  Currently, we are planning for our summer programming including our third year of Harvesting Hope for Others Farm Camp, Llama Llama Pre-School Camp and Mindfulness workshops for teens.  Summer 2020 is sure to offer options for children who want to experience an outdoor farm setting while also learning about the positive impact that animals can have for people through medical science research. Of course, the daily care of the animals continues like always and we are fortunate to have improvements in the barn water system to make this winter easier then last.  Yes, winter is a bit calmer in several ways as we hunker down in the cold, but it is also a time of great planning and growth as we prepare to leap into the summer and bring Hope to many within our community as well as within the community of Huntington's Disease families and friends.
Thank you for your ongoing prayers and support for Harvest Hope Farm!  Stay tuned for more information about our exciting programs for Summer 2020 and our Fall Fundraiser!
Blessings - Lynn
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