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Letting God use us where we are by Lynn Kotrba

“You were our guardian angel all summer?” What a question to hear as I delivered the last round of produce to a family a few weeks ago, just before our first snow. Something I would have never expected to hear quite honestly. A humbling question. It was a beautiful Wednesday afternoon; I had not planned to deliver the produce then, but as I drove by this family’s home on my way to my own home, I saw the mother in the driveway. I had never met her, or anyone in the family, and she did not know me. Something told me it was the right time to stop. I know little about the family, other than the women’s husband, who had just recently passed away, had experienced significant medical issues over the past year and they used to love to garden, but due to his health, had been unable to this past summer. I don’t even know their names.

I drove into the driveway and asked my children to stay in the van. I grabbed a produce box from the back of the van and walked up to her. As soon as she saw the produce a smile came to her face and she knew we had been the weekly deliverers of produce to her home, very early each Thursday morning throughout the summer. She was so very grateful and shared with me how much she and her husband enjoyed walking out their door to find a table full of produce on those mornings. A simple act for us, that meant so very much to them.


One simple act, that can make such a difference to others. At farm camp this summer, we tried to teach the children, through our own example and through the messages that we shared, that every small act we do, can affect those around us and can have rippling affects from there. We tried to teach them that although we may have big dreams and those big dreams are surely worthy, it’s the simple moments, the small acts, that get us to realizing those big dreams. I truly believe that it is the simple moments and the small acts that change the world around us. Allowing God to use us where we are to help those around us.


Yes, we have huge dreams for Harvest Hope Farm, helping to be a part of the cure for Huntington’s disease being my biggest personal dream. Getting to the realization of that dream will take a lot of work, a lot of small moments, a lot of growth in many ways. On our way to that dream, we hope to impact 1000’s of people through the hope we strive to harvest at Harvest Hope Farm—hope we instill in the children that attend farm camp by teaching them how to pay it forward; hope we share with the children and adults that visit the farm to simply learn what it’s about and who these “special” sheep are; hope that we share through our spiritual walks in the forest; hope that is shared with each family affected by Huntington’s disease as we continue to strive for a cure.


We are happy to say that this year’s Harvesting Hope for Others Farm Camp did impact others for the second year. Like the woman I mentioned, as well as other families and individuals, Harvest Hope Farm was able to share over 1000 lbs. of produce with families who needed just a little bit of hope. Each a small act that made a big difference, letting God use us where we are.

On behalf of everyone at Harvest Hope Farm, thank you for your continued prayers and support. May your coming holiday season be filled with joy, peace and love.


Blessings –

Jason and Lynn Kotrba and family

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