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Hope in the Harvest

Harvesting Hope for Others Farm Camp began it's third season on May 27th.  Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, we made the decision to reduce our numbers by half, keeping the safety of our campers and volunteers in the highest regard.  After 8 weekly sessions, the gardens are growing "like a jungle" and producing a very fruitful harvest.  From peas and green beans to kohlrabi, squash and everything in between the gardens are providing more than enough produce for the families that we are serving this summer through our Free Produce Box Program.
I am not one to quote or interpret scripture but the picture above brings to mind the parable, "I am the Vine, you are the branches".  I think this is a great reminder of our responsibility as christians to serve others, and that is exactly what we are doing through Farm Camp.  To the campers attending farm camp each week it may not seem like more than having fun and learning about plants and animals, but to those who receive the Free Produce Boxes it is a ray of hope, something I believe we all could use a bit of this year.
As the founders of Harvest Hope Farm, we are ever grateful for what God has given us, especially to act as a vessel (or vine) to bring Him to others through our works.  Farm Camp is just one way of doing this, through the sharing of the fruits of our labors, but also through the teaching and learning that happens with the campers.  Each week it is a joy to see our 10 campers learning and getting excited about all the blessings of the outdoors.
This year, Farm Camp will conclude on August 19th, but the Harvest and produce box delivery will go into October.  If you know someone who would benefit from a Free Produce Box on a weekly basis, someone who could use a ray of Hope, please feel free to email us and we will share the fruits of our labors as able.
We also encourage everyone who attends our fundraiser on Saturday September 12th to visit the gardens and see the work that our 10 campers, ages 6-13 have accomplished.  They have done a good week, indeed!
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