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Fall Fun on the Farm

(written from the perspective of Monacorona, a lamb)
translated by:  Autumn Kotrba
Is it just me or doesn’t it seem a lot colder since the fluffy white stuff started falling from the sky? It’s fun to play in, but wow, it can be cold. My mom says that the white stuff is snow, and Oreo Blizzard says it’s the best thing in the world, but no one seems to agree with her except me. Everyone else stays inside while we play in the pasture and I’m pretty sure they think we’re crazy, but who cares, we’re having fun. 


I was a little sad to see all the pretty leaves fall from the trees, but Oreo Blizzard told me that when the snow started to fall they would look even better. And she wasn’t wrong, the trees look absolutely beautiful when covered in snow. 


I’ve seen the farmer’s kids outside a lot too. They also love the snow. They go up and down a hill the whole time their outside and I can see that there in some sort of surface that makes them go faster. I think it’s called a sled. It looks like so much fun.  


I asked Pinckney why all of us seemed to be getting more wool and she said that it will help keep us warm in the winter. I guess it’s working because I don’t get cold when going outside with Oreo Blizzard.  


I’ve only seen the llamas a couple of times and the look really fluffy just like us. My mom says their really tall like the farmer and that their names are Caspian and Nokomis. I want to meet them one day, I’m sure they will be really nice, and the farmer kids really like them.


Oh, I almost forgot, there was this big thing called the fundraiser too. I met so many new people. They came to the barn and gave of us food, it was delicious. Everyone had so much fun. I had so much fun, it was just so much fun in general. Rocco told me that the same thing happens every year, I cant wait! I am so excited.

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