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Special thanks to our newest lamb sponso

Norah Jane -

Sponsored by Terry Fore and Jeff McMaines and Families

Meet Terry and Jeff.  Terry's family has been affected by Huntington's Disease for over 50 years.  In the 60's, Terry watched her father-in-law, Orville, struggle and eventually succomb to the disease in 1979.  Her husband, Darrell, started showing signs of HD in the 80's, he tried an experimental surgery in 1998 that bought them some better days, but Darrell eventually died in 2007.  In the 90's, the family was also dealing with a sister-in-law, Judy, being diagnosed with HD, she died in 2009.  It doesn't end there.  Terry's son, Lucas, was given the horrible news that he had Huntington's Disease in 2016 and they pray that he will be the last one in the family.
Terry and Jeff chose to sponsor a ewe lamb as they feel that anything to stop this disease is worth the effort.  They had a granddaughter born in August 2017 and were told prior to her birth that a funeral should be planned as it was not believed she would be viable.  Norah Jane arrived 2 months early, had a stroke and heart problems as well as several other issues that go along with a premature birth.  She fooled everyone and is considered "our miracle" as Terry states.  Terry and Jeff chose to name their ewe lamb, Norah Jane, in hopes of a MIRACLE for those with Huntington's Disease as well.
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