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(written from the perspective of Oreo Blizzard, the ewe)

Translated by:  Autumn Kotrba

I loved the snow! A couple of my cousins did too, but I did the most. I could clearly tell that when we reached the fifth month my mom and her “sisters” were getting tired of it. My cousins were also starting to get tired of the fluffy white stuff the humans called snow.


But, still it fell from the sky almost every day. I wonder where it comes from? I should go ask Pinckney, she should know.


The day the water started to flow again was a scary day, very scary indeed. I was playing outside with my cousins when suddenly the ground started to shake. Everyone ran back to the safety of the barn, but I had to see what was going on.


I made my way down the hill we were playing on slowly, and towards the edge of the pasture. When I stopped the ground shook again and then I saw it happen. The ice holding the water back broke. It came flooding into the forest next to the pasture only feet away from where I was standing.


I couldn’t move, what I was seeing amazed me. Before long my mother came and took me back to the barn and I couldn’t see anything else.


Now, she’ll say that it didn’t happen like that. That I make things a lot more dramatic that it actually is. You’ve got to believe me, ok? Ok.


From that day on the water got higher and higher. My mom and her “sisters” would try to keep us away from the fence since the water was so close, but I snuck to the edge every once and a while.


One time the little farmer boy and his sister who we call the farmer girl came to give us fresh water and they were covered in mud. It was quite funny since we could hear the farmer girl complaining about how they got stuck in the mud and the farmer human had to help them get out. But nevertheless, we got our water, and they gave us corn, my favorite!


Over time the water went up and then it went back down. I heard the humans talking once, and they said they were worried about a flood. But now the water is basically back to its normal height and the adventure is over. I can’t wait for the next one!

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