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Petunia: Snow!

(written for the perspective of Petunia, the ewe)
Translated by: Autumn Kotrba

Snow. What is snow? I used to have no idea, but now I think it’s the best thing in the entire world and according to Pinckney it’s the fluffy, white stuff that falls from the sky and makes you so cold you don’t want to go outside. Everyone was so mad in October when there was this really bad snowstorm, it was freezing cold, but I didn’t really mind. I stood outside almost the whole time and played with Oreo Blizzard in the pasture.

            I was sad to see the snow go, but everyone except Oreo Blizzard seemed relieved that it had gone. Auntie Rocco told me that we didn’t want snow, and that if we got too much of it the result could be disastrous. Despite what Auntie Rocco said, I eagerly waited for more of the white, fluffy snow to come.

            All I could think of was the Winter Wonderland I saw that one night in October. I wanted it to come so badly. When the Farmer Human said there was going to be a fundraiser, I thought there was going to be snow. I was sadly mistaken, only people showed up. But a couple days later there was snow, the Wintery Wonderland I had always dreamed of seeing.

            Oreo Blizzard and I played outside for hours upon hours in the new snow. For days we spent all the time we could in the pasture, playing in the snow. But all good things must come to an end, the snow melted and I was left without the fluffy precipitation I had come to love.

            Shortly before a holiday the Little Farmer Boy mentioned as Thanksgiving there was more snow falling from the sky. The Farmer Human said it would stay this time, I was over joyed when I heard this news. Once again Oreo Blizzard and I could spend our days playing in the cold snow outside.

            The humans celebrated something called Christmas. I don’t really understand it, but just a couple days ago there was a HUGE snowstorm and we got feet of snow! I couldn’t hold my excitement in and I ran outside once the doors were opened and spun around in the freshly fallen snow. It was as if all my dreams had finally come true. Now, we have plenty of snow to play in….at least until something called “spring” comes.

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