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Rosie: Welcome to the Family!

(written from the perspective of Rosie the Ewe)

Translated by: Autumn Kotrba

Hey guys, it’s Rosie! I have some exciting news for you! Guess who I just met!? Guess!? Caspian and Nokomis! They are so cute! I heard from the farmer human that they are llamas and that there is some sort of camp they get to be a part of. It’s called Llama Llama, or something like that. Everyone seems really excited about that.

A while ago I heard the humans talking about getting ready from farm camp and then all of a sudden a group of kids started showing up every week. I think that is what they meant by farm camp. And, I recognized some of them this year, just like others did last year. All the humans seem to have fun around us and the other animals called pigs.  I bet they’ll be super excited to meet the llamas. 


The lambs are getting so big already. They were like half the size they are now a couple months ago, but all of them are still just as cute as they were then.


All of us have been having so much fun this summer despite what the humans call the coronavirus pandemic. Apparently, it hasn’t effected us sheep that much, but it did for the humans. They keep talking about how it will change things, but nothing really has yet for us animals at the farm, was it supposed to?


And then there’s this other thing called the fundraiser. All the humans seem excited for it, and I think it’s coming up quickly because it’s always a topic of conversation. We all remember how much fun it was last year and can’t wait to have even more fun this time. 

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