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By Lynn Kotrba

As quickly as it came, summer flew by. Each year, as my kids get older, I feel like summer is here and then gone before it even gets started. This summer wasn’t any different. Despite the seemingly soggy weather, farm camp was never cancelled, and the gardens grew like a jungle! With two years of sheep compost added to the raised beds, the gardens were growing out of control!


This year, we were pleased to have fourteen amazing kids attend farm camp, some new and some returning from last year. Those who returned from last year were great leaders and helped the new campers figure things out.

Along with growing their gardens, the highlight of the summer was watching the Three Little Pigs grow from 30-pound piglets to 200+ pound pigs and learning all about what pigs become, learning about sustainable food resources!


From gardens to pigs, sheep to scavenger hunts, smores, bees, birdhouses, and dirty socks, this summer’s farm camp wore the kids out and taught them more then they may have wanted to know about sustainable food resources and being good stewards of our environment. We are already making plans for next year’s farm camp, including a new farm camp for 3 to 5-year-olds: Llama Llama Camp! Watch for more exciting news about this camp in our next newsletter!

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