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Top Row: Zach, Matt, Jack

Bottom Row: Carson, Armand and Mitchell

Eagle Scout Candidates from Boy Scout Troop 222

Over the past two years, Harvest Hope Farm has been blessed by the very generous support and partnership with three Eagle Scout Candidates from Boy Scout Troop 222.

In July 2017, while we were still in the process of becoming a non-profit, Matthew Fischer led a group of friends and fellow scouts as he planned, organized and built the 400 ft. life-size Rosary walk that is now a part of Harvest Hope Farm. Matthew received his Eagle Scout Award on August 9, 2018.

During the fall of 2018, Carson Landstrom, led another group of scouts and friends as he planned and built a beautiful and very sturdy bridge that crosses the waterway at Harvest Hope Farm. This bridge provides a safe walkway for those who wish to visit the Rosary walk, without having to go through the most rustic pathways of the forest. Carson earned his Eagle Scout rank on August 26, 2019.

Most recently, Armand Anderson, also a member of Boy Scout troop 222, led a group of young men to build 6 benches that are now placed throughout Harvest Hope Farm to allow visitors time to sit and take in the beauty that surrounds them in nature. Armand will receive his Eagle Scout rank in the near future.

Thank you to these young men for their leadership, enthusiasm, perseverance, and persistence as they worked hard to help make Harvest Hope Farm a place where people can come to experience hope and enhance their well-being.

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Matthew Fischer with parents Ken and Eunah

Volunteer Spotlight Image 2.JPG

Carson Landstrom

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